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Phyllis Haynes is an award winning interviewer, and documentarian. Her knowledge of global
media, new media technology and cross-cultural communication encompasses over 20 years of
experience in television. She receives attention and praise for her video biographies and
interviews of accomplished individuals who may not have received the media attention they
deserved. Dr. Russell Ackoff, (deceased) professor emeritus of the Wharton School is among
her favorites. She is well known as the former co-host of WOR-TV's Emmy Award winning
"Straight Talk" and as former network correspondent for ABC's "Evening News with Peter
Jennings" and "Good Morning America."

She is in demand as a speaker, consultant, and communications trainer. Her clients have
included Search for Common Ground,Richmond Community Services, Citi Group, NECINA,
APEX, 4A, C100, Conversation Among Masters, United Nations, Columbia University School of
International Public Affairs, Ernst and Young, NCAA, and NFL Players Association. Phyllis was
invited by the European Union and the Hellenic Foundation to bring her work to the emerging
marketplaces of Central and Eastern Europe. As a result of the invitation, she delivered
programs on communications skills (including cross-cultural values and styles) and new media
in Athens, Brussels, Bulgaria, and Romania.

She also served as a professional specialist on the faculty of Emerson College in Boston
teaching at the graduate level in Boston and in Maastricht. She has been an active member of
the International Society for Panetics since 1995 when Dr. Ralph Siu invited her to present her
observations about infliction of suffering and the media. Her presentation entitled Dangerous
Omissions: The Absence of Context in Media published in joint publication of Emerson College
and the Christian Science Monitor (reprinted in the Journal of Panetics) gained her prominence in
the International Society for Panetics and the continuing opportunity to work with Dr. Siu.

Phyllis currently serves on the board of the Coach Initiative a foundation devoted to giving pro
bono guidance and coaching to not for profit organizations and leaders around the world.
Phyllis holds an M.A. from New York University in Political Science with a concentration in Asian
and Russian Affairs. She has a strong background in French and Russian languages.

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